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Lighten up?

Do you look at your life and think...

  • OMG, I can't believe I'm STILL dealing with this sh*t!
  • Why can't I make lasting change, even when I want to?
  • I've got to stop faffing around & sort myself out!
  • There’s got to be more to life than this!


Get some relief!

It's time to free yourself of your:

  • Inner critic
  • Hangups and blockages 
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviour patterns

It's time to LIGHTEN UP IN the

Better Than Happy Membership

Better Than Happy ~ It's all in the name!

Would you like to experience a deep inner sense of well-being, where you:

Find Inner Peace

Discover the calm inner You and let that presence guide your life.

Master Your Mind & Emotions

Learn to be the master of your mind and emotions rather than them controlling you!

Raise Your Vibration

Dwell in the higher frequencies of joy, love & harmony, and attract like energies into your life.

Feel Great In Your Own Skin

Release negative self-talk, guilt & shame, and cultivate self-esteem, confidence and joy.

Create Your Ideal Life

Discover the universal principles of creation and apply them to make the life of your dreams a reality.

Expand Your Consciousness

See the bigger picture of life and uplift yourself to a higher order of operation in the world.

Become An Agent Of Healing

Heal yourself and be a source of inspiration and upliftment for others.

Sort Yourself Out

Free yourself of the hangups and blockages that sabotage your happiness and success.

Nourish Your Soul

Cultivate the practices and attitudes that nurture your Inner Self and unfold your true nature & higher purpose .

Janine Hunt

Join Janine and other like-minded people in the Better Than Happy Zone, an online membership where Janine shares the techniques, practices and trainings you need to uplift your well-being on all levels:





I was planning on going to the doctor to ask for anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication. My mind was spinning out of control and my heart was racing with anxiety. Janine gave me a practice to try - I was sceptical that it could help, but I was desperate, so I gave it a go. From the first time I used it I got instant relief, my mind calmed, I was able to get a grip on my thoughts, and I felt more at ease. I carried on with the practice, and was thrilled that thanks to Janine, I was empowered to handle this within myself.


In the Better Than Happy Zone

We Do Transformation from the Inside Out

(The kind of transformation that works! ;)

Janine teaches powerful top-down techniques to uplift all areas of your life, including:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Mind Programming Techniques
  • Co-Creation
  • Guided Meditations
  • Energy Work
  • NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Creative Visualisation

Top-Down? Huh?

Top-down techniques & practices heal not only specific issues, but generate a higher awareness that serves you in all aspects & moments of your life. They: 


Manage The Lower With The Higher

Use the higher, creative and inspired parts of yourself, the mind and spirit, to manage the lower parts, your emotional and physical natures


Facilitate Lasting Change

Get your mind working for you, not against you, allowing you to respond afresh in the moment, free from the patterns and knee-jerk reactions of the past


Raise Your Awareness

Expand your consciousness of your own true nature and the nature of reality to propel you forward in your personal growth, evolution and service


Create An Exponential Shift

Cultivate powerful inner resources whose benefits radiate out to uplift all areas of your life

A top-down approach is essential, because...

" No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. "


Thank you so much for your practice Janine, I am getting so much from this. I've been ill for a long time and this is a breath of fresh air and a great reset for new beginnings for me. You have a lovely voice, very relaxing, felt wonderful! 


The BETTER THAN HAPPY ZONE is an ever-growing library of practices, techniques & trainings to uplift your well-being on all levels

Take a tour inside the Zone

Get instant access to all the goodies!

What You Get

When you join the Better Than Happy Zone you get instant access to a whole library of powerful top-down techniques and trainings to free yourself of your baggage and experience a deep inner sense of well-being.

Here is a tiny slice of the goodies:

I Am A Powerful Creator Mini-Course

I Am A Powerful Creator Mini-Course

Accept and own your power as a co-creator with the Universal Mind.


  • An Introduction To Co-Creation
  • I Am A Powerful Creator Affirmations
  • I Am A Powerful Creator Affirmation Tapping
  • I Am A Powerful Creator Sleep Programming MP3 audio download
Future Self Guided Meditation

Future Self Guided Meditation

  • In this guided visualisation you enter a deep state of relaxation and float forward in time to gain wisdom from your future self, who has accomplished all your goals and dreams, and become the person you aspire to be.
  • You ask your future self about how to be your authentic self, to reach your highest potential, fulfil your own unique purpose and about anything else you would like to know, big or small.
  • Get insight about a decision you need to make, or a challenging situation in your life, or anything you would like guidance on.
Ideal Body Mini-Course

Ideal Body Mini-Course

In this mini-course you program ideas of health, fitness, good choices, self-acceptance and your ideal body into your consciousness.


  • Ideal Body Visualisation Session
  • Ideal Body Affirmations
  • Ideal Body Affirmations Tapping
  • Ideal Body Sleep Programming MP3 audio download
Releasing Conflict With Others Guided Meditation

Releasing Conflict With Others Guided Meditation

This is a mindfulness meditation to help you release conflict with others, and raise your awareness that they are just like you.

  • Acknowledge the similarities between yourself and others.
  • Overcome the sense of difference and distrust, by opening channels of compassion.
  • Invite a sense of spaciousness and acceptance for whatever you are experiencing in your body or in your emotions.
  • Develop a sense of compassion and understanding, by coming to feel our shared sense of experience as human beings.

What a lovely technique this is to do! A beautiful and uplifting meditation -  such a lovely way to start the day. I’ve started to notice lots of nice little things happening to me. Thank you Janine!


Thank you for this program Janine! So excited to raise my consciousness and feel joy!


Janine, this is so good! I've been playing catch-up on this course last night and this morning, but I can already feel the benefit. 


Janine’s voice is so soothing. I could listen to her all day! 


Hi, I'm Janine

Natural health therapist for over 30 years, hypnotherapist, life-long student and spiritual seeker.

I came by the practices I teach through the need to sort out my own life. I was so blown away by how effective they were in improving my well-being, that I trained in them professionally!

The practices and trainings I teach here in the Better Than Happy Zone are the culmination of over 30 years of study, practice and experience in the areas of natural health, hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, EFT and the Ageless Wisdom teachings, among others!

Janine Hunt


Uplift Yourself... Inspire Others... Transform the world!


But it's what happens naturally when we sort ourselves out, get rid of our hangups, and get our minds working for us and not against us.

I believe that we are each here on the planet to cultivate and unfold our unique qualities, talents, skills and gifts.

But I know from experience that most of us will need to do some work on ourselves before we can really shine our light and give our best to the world. 

Through the Better Than Happy Zone I want to inspire as many people as possible to cultivate well-being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

So that they in turn may inspire others.

" To turn our lives around takes only a moment of decision,

a commitment, and the process has begun.

Begin right now. "



If you're ready to take your well-being to the next level, simply choose your payment option below and we'll see you in the Zone!




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30 day money back 





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then $20 per month after 14 days

Cancel anytime within trial &

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Better Than Happy Zone for?

You're ready to sort yourself out.

You believe you have the power to uplift yourself and want to take responsibility for creating positive change in your life.

Yet you like to grow and learn in a fun and easy way.

You're committed to your personal expansion and willing to invest some time into uplifting your well-being.

You like to use practices and techniques to anchor growth and wisdom in practical experience, not just as an intellectual exercise.

How much time does The Better Than Happy Zone take?

That's entirely up to you! All our courses and meditations are created to provide the greatest bang for your buck in the shortest period of time. 

We encourage you to commit to daily practice to get maximum benefit from the membership. Some techniques take just a few minutes, others are longer. With our ever-expanding library you can choose what's right for your current needs and the time you've got available.

What payment forms are accepted?

We take debit/credit cards and PayPal. Pricing is in US dollars.

Can I download the content? 

Some content such as PDFs and audio files are available for download, however the majority of content is in video format for streaming. 

Can personal and spiritual growth really be fun? 

When we proactively work with consciousness, and adopt a playful and light-hearted attitude, darn-tootin' it can! We can bypass the growth through pain and suffering model, and choose to learn through joy, love and harmony. 

And have you seen the engaging and fun animated videos used for many of the trainings here in the Zone? They will keep you light, amused, and coming back for more!

This is integral to our Better Than Happy philosophy, profound teachings and practices, delivered with simplicity and a light touch. 

What is your refund policy? 

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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